Richer Fidel’O X-PressoRicher Fidel’O X-Presso

Richer Fidel’O X-Presso

X-Presso, at the Calixa-Lavallée exhibition (more…)

Espoir Chopin Katie-MaggieEspoir Chopin Katie-Maggie

Espoir Chopin Katie-Maggie

Our oldest, Maggie, is 8 years old and in top shape! (more…)

Richer Victor UtherRicher Victor Uther

Richer Victor Uther

Uther is 2½ years old. Picture taken while training under saddle.

Piercel Djem KhloéePiercel Djem Khloée

Piercel Djem Khloée

Kloée – Our new broodmare (more…)

Richer Fidel’O ZodiackRicher Fidel’O Zodiack

Richer Fidel’O Zodiack

Zodiak at 3 month

EZ Acres Astro AlfaEZ Acres Astro Alfa

EZ Acres Astro Alfa


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