Who are we?

Who are we?

A small-scale breeder.

An agronomist by training with a great deal of knowledge about animal behaviour, diet and health. Equally, our breeding program complies with the Canadian Horse breed standards.

We strive to raise exceptional horses!

For us this means our colts and fillies are:

  • Well socialized
  • Exposed to a variety of environments
  • Easy to handle
  • Self-assured and gentle
  • Keen to learn
  • Proud yet respectful of their masters!




2012 to 2017: I worked on the board of the Quebec Horse Association, as a director at the beginning and then as secretary-treasurer. All the efforts I have invested have been for the cause of the Canadian horse. My work has always been stimulating, active and very rewarding.

2012: List all the AQCC newspapers since its foundation, digitize them and make them available on the AQCC website.

2012-2013: Drafting of a large part of the AQCC processor and assistance in organizing the Issue Table in 2013, with the MAPAQ, assuming, with another director of the Board, a major investigation (500 hours each) to describe the situation of the Canadian horse industry in Quebec and an update on the census of horses. This work resulted in the production of two leaflets which were distributed in more than 2,000 copies. (12)

2014-2015 : Contribution to the writing of two Guides, highlighting the differences between the Future of the breed and the agricultural exposures (covers of guides 12).

2013, 2014 et 2015 : Writing with a co-author a book on the history of the Canadian horse, Histoire et Espoir, available at the AQCC and all the bookstores affiliated to Éditions du Septentrion (Cover of the book) and link to get it.


As part of the celebrations of the 350th anniversary of the arrival of the first horses in New France:

  • VIDEO CRAAQ: LIVING IN THE CAMPAIGN (link). Distributed in the News / Livestock section of its site; Made by Danielle Jacques, agronomist; Subject: The history of the Canadian horse, its characteristics, the release of the book and the 350th anniversary.
  • Jean Guénette and Élaine Poirier, from the GASPA company, to produce and distribute the documentary series Des chevaux et les femmes on TVA5. Claude Richer is one of her six participants, her release is in the 3rd episode: Trailer.
  • Together with the QCC team and Maison Saint-Gabriel, the main partner, more than 25 activities were organized in all regions of Québec, including the presence of the kiosk at several festivals, the presentation of a play theater on the history of the race at the Salon du cheval, the presence of the AQCC at the Quebec Derby, the very large participation of Canadian horses at the St-Tite parade, the Hiker’s Weekend with Québec on horseback , the great Montreal Cavalcade with Maison Saint-Gabriel, a dozen conferences in the regions, open houses with the UPA; the marketing of a beer of the Canadian horse, etc …



  • Organization of a draw offering more than 15 prizes valued over $ 3,000
  • Assistance in the production of a catalog of horses for sale in Quebec. The 2017 Directory of Canadian Horse Breeders Agri-Réseau
  • Conferences in Québec on the history of the Canadian horse and updating of the book for a 2nd edition (Cover of the book)
  • Participation in the Salon du cheval (photo)
  • Organization of three clinics on the conformation of the Canadian horse and one on the presentation of horses at the halter
  • Mounting of a Canadian Horse Interpretation Center at the Montreal Police Facility


Sold horses

  • Richer Victor Uther sold to the Montreal Police in 2016
  • EZ Acres Astro Cassiopée sold to Annie Bergeron, Warwick in 2017
  • Richer X-Presso Boumerang sold to Jonathan Dowd, Sainte-Mélanie, in 2016
  • Richer X-Presso Bordeaux sold to Nancy Beaupré of Mascouche, in 2016
  • Richer Fidel’0 Battler sold to Washington States, USA in 2016
  • EZ Acres Astro Alfa sold to Juie Dulac, New Hampshire, USA in 2017
  • Richer X-Presso Caffeine sold to Monique Boucher of Chalk River, Ontario in 2015
  • Richer Fidel’O Zodiack, sold in 2016


Horse brood

  • Espoir Chopin Katie-Maggie
  • Piercel Djem Khloée

Reproduction Stallion

  • Richer Fidel’O X-Presso

Horses to come

Both mares are pregnant (MAGIE and KHLOÉE). As of next spring, we will have the sister and brother of XPRESSO (my stallion) and one of his daughters or sons.



  • Cover of my book, 2nd edition.
    (You can obtain this book by writing to contact@chevalcanadien.org)
  • Coverage of the two guides written within the AQCC. (12)
    (You can obtain this book by writing to contact@chevalcanadien.org)
  • Canadian Horse Census Fact Sheet.
    (You can consult the full report on the website of the Association québécoise du cheval Canadien)
  • Fact Sheet on the Portrait of the Canadian Horses Industry.
    (You can consult the full report on the website of the Association québécoise du cheval Canadien)


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