Canadian Horse Breed Standards

Official characteristics:

  • Long full tail
  • Full mane that is long, fine and wavy
  • Bones dense and clean, joints lean and clean
  • Shows power, agility, finesse, strength, vigour, and natural balance
  • Temperament is gentle and docile, energetic, vigorous and enthusiastic
  • Free and vigorous movement, joints bending freely and with plenty of action
  • Elegant and noble in carriage and movement. Symmetry of shape, stands squarely on ground
  • Versatile, easy keeping, resistant to disease, strong, and known for their endurance and robustness



14 to 16 hands


1,000 to 1,400 lbs


Brown, black, chestnut, bay and, rarely, grey


Province of Quebec,
St. Lawrence Valley


“Nicknamed the Little Iron horse”.

Our horses’ certificates


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